Schools & Daycare

Did you know that more than a third of U.S. schools suffer from high levels of mold, dust mites and allergens? betterair’s Environmental Probiotics are implemented directly into air ducts, reducing the amount of mold spores and allergens being dispersed into the air, resulting in better indoor air quality and a healthier and cleaner environment for students, faculty members and visitors. A healthy school is a successful school!

Children and Bacteria

Children are greatly exposed to pathogens that spread disease during their stay at day care.  It is generally accepted that contamination levels in day care facilities are higher, as a result of higher concentrations of children in a restricted space. This provides a fertile ground for pathogenic cross infection occurrences.

How Does It Work?

Our purification systems tap directly tap into existing air ducts and are designed to automatically release Enviro-Biotics™ into the air which are carried by airflow throughout the indoor space. We also have stand-alone units for spaces that aren’t connected by air ducts.

betterair Technology releases billions of probiotics into the air via repetitive micro-misting.

The probiotics consume the resources that mold, allergens, pathogens and harmful bacteria thrive on.

How could children avoid sharing pathogens during their stay?

Impossible (unless all body parts are covered and shielded).  Highly implanted in day care facilities – carpets, soft toys, beds and curtains are the most favorable home for dust mites, allergens and harmful bacteria to grow and to keep bad

The Solution Is betterair‘s Enviro-Biotics™ Technology

betterair’s Natural Enviro-Biotics™ system is designed to distribute a unique probiotic vapor compound that nourish and protect indoor spaces by consuming dead matter found in biofilm. Therefore, less contaminants will be released into the air.