Case Studies

BetterAir is an innovative biotechnology company, that developed THE WORLD’S FIRST PROBIOTIC AIR, SURFACE and OBJECT PURIFICATION SYSTEM, pioneering how indoor spaces should be treated, BetterAir is dedicated to restoring and preserving ecological balance in indoor spaces, by harnessing the power of EnvirobioticsTM. BetterAir offers all-natural, chemical free solutions, to create healthier indoor living and work spaces. EnviroBioticsTM are the safest, most natural way to achieve a superior indoor air environment.

Case Studies


Proof of Concept testing validation for application of BetterAir Environmental Probiotics in the Airline Vertical


UW Oshkosh BetterAir Environmental Sampling Study


EMSL Indoor Analysis of Dust Mite Allergens and Introduction of BA-008 in Multi-Level Home

Bezeq Offices (Israel Telephone Company), Azrieli Office Complex

Study of effect on building occupants experiencing Sick Building symptoms after introduction of BetterAir Enviro-Biotics.

Israeli Police Department, Tel-Aviv

Proof of Efficacy study on elimination of fungal and pathogenic bacterial load after introduction of BetterAir Enviro-Biotics.


Efficacy study on elimination of Sick Building symptoms in occupants after the introduction of BetterAir Enviro-Biotics.

University of Oregon Study

Plates were preloaded with either live or sterilized human-associated microbial communities (HAMC),which was obtained from homogenized and filtered vacuum cleaner dust sourced from three distinct occupied Buildings.

D.R. plastic and reconstructive clinic

Testing the influence of betterair Enviro-Biotics® on the composition of bacteria and molds found on surfaces at various locations in the clinic