betterair is an innovative biotechnology company, that developed THE WORLD’S FIRST PROBIOTIC AIR, SURFACE and OBJECT PURIFICATION SYSTEM, pioneering how indoor spaces should be treated, betterair is dedicated to restoring and preserving ecological balance in indoor spaces, by harnessing the power of Envirobiotics™.

What We Do?

betterair‘s technology creates an indoor environment rich in Enviro-Biotics™, supporting a healthy indoor microbiome, eliminating odors and cleans automatically 24/7 every area in the indoor: from the smallest office to the tallest sky scraper. If your building uses purification systems intended to kill bacteria and remove particles, betterair‘s system completes the cycle by infusing back into the environment the good bacteria that was just removed.

How Does It Work?

Our purification systems tap directly tap into existing air ducts and are designed to automatically release Enviro-Biotics™ into the air which are carried by airflow throughout the indoor space. We also have stand-alone units for spaces that aren’t connected by air ducts.

betterair Technology releases billions of probiotics into the air via repetitive micro-misting.

The probiotics consume the resources that mold, allergens, pathogens and harmful bacteria thrive on.