During hospital visits, patients are greatly exposed to pathogens that spread disease. Test results have shown that use of betterair will significantly reduce the presence of pathogens in hospitals, leading to an improvement in the well-being of both staff and patients.

Why We Need betterair

It is generally accepted that contamination levels inside hospitals are higher, as a result of higher concentration of sick people in a restricted space. This provides a fertile ground for pathogenic cross infection occurrences. Both Bacteria and viruses constantly seek to multiply by spreading from sick to the healthy.  That’s the reason why they are so effective.  Obviously, there is no better opportunity for  cross contamination of pathogenic infections when people with weakened immune systems are crowding together, sharing air and objects.

How Does It Work?

Our purification systems tap directly tap into existing air ducts and are designed to automatically release Enviro-Biotics™ into the air which are carried by airflow throughout the indoor space. We also have stand-alone units for spaces that aren’t connected by air ducts.

betterair Technology releases billions of probiotics into the air via repetitive micro-misting.

The probiotics consume the resources that mold, allergens, pathogens and harmful bacteria thrive on.