Gyms & Health Clubs

betterair’s Enviro-biotics™ provide a proactive approach to target the air and surfaces by continuously fighting back with an army of good bacteria.


betterair technology provide a healthier and safer environment to the gym members

How Could People Avoid Sharing Pathogens
During Their Gym Visits?

Impossible (unless all body parts are covered and shielded). Members are breathing the same air and sharing equipment – treadmills, weights, yoga mats and locker rooms.  Highly implanted in gyms – carpets, towels and sportswear is the most favorable home for dust mites, pet dander, allergens and harmful bacteria to grow and emit bad odor.

The Solution Is betterair’s Enviro-Biotics™ Technology

betterair’s Enviro-biotics™ systems are designed to distribute a unique probiotic vapor compound that nourish and protect indoor spaces by consuming dead matter found in biofilm. Therefore, less contaminants are being released into the air.


By automatically and constantly doing so, betterair‘s technique improves bio-security of your indoor space of objects, surface and air quality. Our maintenance system is designed to spread safe and protective Enviro-Biotics™ where it reaches hard or soft surfaces. Enviro-Biotics™ create a protective microscopic layer of probiotic microflora, which coats and shields these objects. The probiotic microflora consumes all organic waste such as pollen, pet dander, shed skin cells, dust mite waste.


The immediate benefits of incorporation of our Enviro-Biotics™ technologies include:
• Bio-Security: microbial balancing.
• Reduction of bad odor generated by pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and mold activity.
• Restoration of freshness including air Better Air Enviro-Biotics™ is the ONLY solution for complete protection from biological airborne and surface contaminants. Wherever Enviro-Biotics™ is administered, the serviced areas immediately become more balanced, safe, pleasant, and healthy for members .

During their training sessions in gyms, members are greatly exposed to pathogens that spread disease.

Why Enviro-Biotics™?

Aproximately 100 trillion probiotics call our gut home. These probiotics are essential to our survival and act as our natural defense system to help our bodies fight disease-causing bacteria, digest food, absorb nutrients to promote a health GI tract. They are commonly found in yogurts, fermented and digestive supplements. betterair’s patented methodology revolves around the premise “If it’s good for you, it’s good for the environment.” BetterAir leverages the power of beneficial Enviro-Biotics™ to multiply and thrive in the environment to act as protectors. betterair technology can make a difference in your indoor space by providing a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for gym members.


It is generally accepted that contamination levels inside gyms are higher, as a result of higher concentration of people in a restricted space. This provides a fertile ground for pathogenic cross infection occurrences.


Air circulation predominantly created by our mechanical ventilation systems, increase the speed of infectious transmission. In addition, the ventilation/air condition systems are independent sources of additional “self-created” contamination and allergens such as the mold and fungi, which comfortably reside and prosper inside air-ducts, and are transported the serviced areas by ventilation.

Protect Everybody!

The BA-1200 connects directly into an HVAC system to automatically and continuously disperse betterair’s Enviro-Biotics everywhere with coverage of up to a 25,000 square foot area while cleaning you air ducts.


  • Increases the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria.
  • Repeatedly mists Enviro-biotics™ into the air to coat and penetrate surfaces such as cables and pulleys, lockers, barbells, foam rollers, bathroom sinks and much more!
  • Purifies inside out of reach places such as remote controls, door handles, light switches and more
  • Reduces and controls everyday bad odors.
  • Low maintenance – replace cartridge every 30-90 days (depending on use)


  • Patented design and innovative Enviro-Biotics™ technology.
  • Enviro-Biotics™ dispersed every half hour for 30 seconds.
  • Clinically tested and Allergy Friendly UK certified.
  • 100% safe, organic, chemical free and environmentally friendly.


The commercial probiotics sprays will assist housekeeping services by purifying rooms while working. Automatic purification systems are available for any size spaces with the patented Enviro-Biotics™ technology. It targets unlimited spatial coverage by directly tapping into existing HVAC systems and air ducts for continuous cleaning by harnessing the power of Enviro-Biotics™. The installation is fast, simple, and inexpensive. There is no special infrastructure required. The device is available in various models to accommodate all of your needs.