betterair is dedicated to restoring and preserving ecological balance in indoor spaces, by harnessing the power of Envirobiotics™. betterair offers all-natural, chemical free solutions, to create healthier indoor living and work spaces. EnviroBiotics™ are the safest, most natural way to achieve a superior indoor air environment.

Gyms & Health Clubs

During their training sessions in gyms, members are greatly exposed to pathogens that spread disease.


57% of travelers changed their room because it was too dirty.  75% of traveler’s first concern is the bedspread. Travelers come and go, but bacteria remain after thousands of hands transfer and relocate germs.


betterair provides your guests a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.


1.7 Millions Hospital-Acquired Infections occur in the U.S. Hospitals each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths and an estimated $20 billions in unnecessary healthcare costs.


Did you know that probiotics are the most effective solution in breaking down biofilm harboring antibiotic-resistant organisms? Conventional cleaning and purification methods inadequately disinfect medical equipment, which is the leading cause of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).


Protect your office space with betterair probiotics by penetrating the hard to reach spaces you work with every day. Happy workday!


betterair provides you with the protection from disease and bacteria while you work.

Schools & Daycare

Children are greatly exposed to pathogens that spread disease during their stay at day care.  Both Bacteria and viruses constantly seek to multiply by spreading from sick to the healthy.


Test results have shown that use of betterair will significantly reduce the presence of pathogens in day care facilities, leading to an improvement in the well-being of both employees and children.

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