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The World’s First Probiotic Air, Surface, and Object Purifier.

We make it simple to protect everything you care about. betterair Environmental Probiotics are comprised of an organically cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment. Our patented technology works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases billions of micron sized probiotics to purify the air and clean surfaces and objects; resulting in a healthy microbiome.

betterair’s Enviro-biotics™ provide a proactive approach to target the air and surfaces by continuously fighting back with an army of good bacteria.  betterair technology provide a healthier and safer environment to the gym members.

betterair is the Only solution that is ECA:

betterair is the only solution which cleans everywhere

betterair units are continuously releasing probiotics

Probiotics are released into the air, onto surfaces and penetrate objects automatically

Made Safe

betterair‘s Environmental Probiotics are MADE SAFE® certified.

Parent Tested, Parent Approved

Biotica800® received the PTPA certified seal of approval.

Sensitive Choice

Certified by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Allergy Friendly Product

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